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Welcome to Explore More NC! If you have a keen interest in uncovering the treasures of North Carolina, you’re in the right spot. This journey is led by Sarah Murphy, a local photographer and explorer with a mission to share the wonders of our state with you.

North Carolina is a playground for adventure, featuring towering mountains and serene beaches. It’s a place where every visit can turn into an exciting discovery. Sarah has spent years navigating the diverse landscapes of North Carolina, from the quiet trails of the Blue Ridge Mountains to the warm sands of the Outer Banks. Her experiences have not only deepened her love for the state but also equipped her with an insider’s view of the best spots that she’s eager to share with you.

You might be on the lookout for your next adventure, a quiet retreat, or simply the best local eats and sights. Explore More NC is your guide to finding those experiences that make North Carolina stand out. With Sarah’s expertise, especially her eye for photography, you’ll get a glimpse of the state through vibrant and captivating images that tell the story of its beauty.

Sarah’s transition from portrait to landscape photography has allowed her to capture North Carolina in its full glory. Through her lens, you’ll explore places where the natural beauty and vibrant culture of the state come alive. It’s about sharing the essence of North Carolina with you through photos and stories that inspire and invite.

Join us as we delve into every corner of North Carolina, from the hidden gems to the celebrated landmarks. With Explore More NC, you’re not just reading about places; you’re getting a front-row seat to the heart and soul of the state. Let’s embark on this journey together and discover the unique experiences that make North Carolina truly remarkable.

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