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Welcome to Lake Norman, one of the most beautiful and exciting destinations in North Carolina! Lake Norman is the largest man-made lake in NC. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, there’s plenty to discover and explore at this fantastic location. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what makes Lake Norman so special and why it’s worth a visit.

Lake Norman Beach Locations

There are many activities to enjoy with Lake Norman, but if you are looking for public access areas, it’s a little more difficult. Here are two beaches on Lake Norman you can enjoy, and below, we’ve also included the public access boat ramp locations and marinas in the area.

1. Lake Norman State Park Beach

Address: 759 State Park Rd, Troutman, NC 28166
Our first Lake Norman beach is located on the northern shore of the lake, Lake Norman State Park is a popular destination for beachgoers. This is a popular Lake Norman beach; it’s a great place for families and individuals looking to cool off on a hot summer day. Here you will find a 125-yard-long beach for swimming in Lake Norman.

The beach is open to the public year-round and offers ample space for sunbathing, swimming, and playing beach games.

Lake Norman State Park Beach

The beach is staffed with lifeguards during peak season, and there are also shower facilities, lockers, and restrooms available for visitors. They also have a concession stand available seasonally as well.

During peak season, when lifeguards are on duty, they will charge a swim fee; you can pay by cash only at the beach or with a card at the Visitors Center. Visitors can also rent canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards at the park nearby.

2. Ramsey Creek Park Beach

Address: 18441 Nantz Road, Cornelius, NC 28078
Our second Lake Norman beach is Ramsey Creek Beach, another popular destination for visitors to Lake Norman, located on the lake’s eastern shore in Cornelius, North Carolina. This beautiful beach is part of Ramsey Creek Park, which spans 43 acres and offers visitors a wide range of recreational opportunities.

Ramsey Creek Park Lake Norman Beach

This park has a sandy beach area perfect for swimming and sunbathing. In addition, the park has a playground, picnic shelters, and a boat ramp.

Ramsey Creek Park Pier

During the summer, the beach is open only from May until Labor Day, Wed-Sun, between 11 am and 7 pm. They also have lifeguards on site during beach hours. During the summer, they do charge an entrance fee. Ramsey Creek Park is open year-round, outside of the beach hours.

Ramsey Creek Park Map

In addition to the beach, Ramsey Creek Park offers a variety of amenities and facilities for visitors. There are picnic areas with grills, a playground for children, and several hiking trails that wind through the surrounding woods. The park also has a large, multi-purpose field often used for outdoor sports.

Ramsey Creek Park Beach Picnic Area

Those are your options for public Lake Norman beach locations; we are glad there are at least two to choose from!

Lake Norman Map

Lake Norman History

Let’s dive into Lake Norman’s History. Lake Norman has a rich and interesting past that dates back over a century. Lake Norman is a man-made lake created between 1959 and 1964 by constructing Cowan’s Ford Dam across the Catawba River.

The idea for the dam was first proposed in the 1890s by an engineer working on the Niagara Falls dam who suggested using the Catawba River for hydroelectricity to James Buchanan Duke in 1905. Duke financed the Catawba Power Company to pursue this idea. Lake Norman was not the first artificial lake created by Duke Electric, but the seventh and final one constructed.

Before the lake was created, the area was primarily farmland and small towns. Many families had lived in the area for generations, and their land and homes were flooded to create the lake. While this was a difficult time for many, it also brought new opportunities for growth and development.

As the lake began to take shape, developers and investors saw the potential for a new community. They envisioned a place where people could live, work, and play all in one location. The first residential communities were built in the 1960s and 70s. The lake became a popular destination for retirees, second-home owners, and families looking for a vacation lake spot.

Over the years, the communities around Lake Norman continued to grow and thrive. New businesses, restaurants, and recreational facilities sprang up, and the lake became a hub of activity and entertainment. Boating, fishing, water skiing, and other water sports became popular pastimes, and the lake played host to numerous events and festivals throughout the year.

Today, Lake Norman is a vibrant and exciting destination that attracts visitors from all over the world. Its rich history is still evident in the many historic sites and landmarks that can be found around the lake. Check out all the wonderful Lake Norman restaurants on the water.

Lake Norman Boat Ramps

Ramsey Creek Park Boat Launch
Ramsey Creek Park Boat Launch

🚤 Beatty’s Ford Access – 8335 Shipley Ln, Denver, NC 28037
🚤 Blythe Landing Park – 15901 NC-73, Huntersville, NC 28078
🚤 Ramsey Creek Park – 18441 Nantz Rd, Cornelius, NC 28031
🚤 Stumpy Creek Park – 160 Stumpy Creek Rd, Mooresville, NC 28117
🚤 Pinnacle Access Area – 159 Pinnacle Ln, Mooresville, NC 28117
🚤 McCrary Creek Access Area – 129 McCrary Rd, Mooresville, NC 28117
🚤 Little Creek Access Area – 411 Little Creek Rd, Harmony, NC 28634
🚤 Lake Norman State Park – 759 State Park Rd, Troutman, NC 28166
🚤 Long Island Access Area – 5368 Long Island Rd, Catawba, NC 28609
🚤 Hager Creek Access Area – 788 McKendree Rd, Mooresville, NC 28117

Lake Norman Marinas

⚓ All Seasons Marina – 827 Langtree Rd, Mooresville, NC 28117
⚓ Stutts Marina – 571 Stutts Rd, Mooresville, NC 28117
⚓ Queens Landing – 1459 River Hwy, Mooresville, NC 28117
⚓ Inland Sea Marina – 114 Bowfin Cir, Mooresville, NC 28117
⚓ River City Marina – 155 Pinnacle Ln, Mooresville, NC 28117
⚓ Holiday Marina – 20139 Henderson Rd, Cornelius, NC 28031
⚓ Safe Harbor Kings Point Marina – 17939 Kings Point Dr, Cornelius, NC 28031
⚓ Safe Harbor Peninsula Yacht Club – 18501 Harbor Light Blvd, Cornelius, NC 28031
⚓ Morningstar Marinas – 18020 Kings Point Dr, Cornelius, NC 28031
⚓ Lake Norman Marina – 6965 NC-150, Sherrills Ford, NC 28673
⚓ Mountain Creek Marina – 8121 Walker Rd, Sherrills Ford, NC 28673
⚓ Boat Rack Marina – 7865 Spinnaker Bay Dr #9267, Sherrills Ford, NC 28673
⚓ Safe Harbor Westport Marina – 7879 Water Oaks Dr, Denver, NC 28037
⚓ Midway Marina – 8693 NC-150, Terrell, NC 28682
⚓ Safe Harbor Skippers Landing – 1152 Perth Rd, Troutman, NC 28166
⚓ Long Island Marina – 8400 Long Island Rd #8969, Catawba, NC 28609

Lake Norman Interesting Facts

👉 Lake Norman is the largest man-made lake in North Carolina, with a surface area of over 32,000 acres.

👉 The lake was created in the early 1960s when the Duke Energy company built a dam on the Catawba River.

👉 Lake Norman is named after former Duke Power president Norman Atwater Cocke.

👉 The Long Island Cotton Mill and Mill Village were constructed during the second half of the 1800s. However, in the 1950s, the mill was closed to make way for the lake’s formation. Presently, some of the ruins of the mill and village still lie at the bottom of the lake.

👉 The lake is located in the heart of North Carolina, just 20 miles north of Charlotte.

👉 Lake Norman is a popular destination for boating, fishing, and other water sports, with 520 miles of shoreline to explore.

👉 The lake is home to a wide variety of fish species, including bass, catfish, and crappie.

👉 Lake Norman is also home to several marinas, boat clubs, and yacht clubs.

👉 The lake has hosted numerous fishing tournaments and boating events over the years.

👉 Lake Norman is surrounded by several towns and communities, including Mooresville, Cornelius, Huntersville, Denver, and Davidson.

Lake Norman from the Sky looking down

👉 In 1893, a conflict over the appointment of an official cotton weigher and the persistent road washouts due to heavy rains caused cotton farmers to relocate south of the town limits of Davidson, leading to the establishment of a new town named “Liverpool,” NC. Cornelius, NC, was later incorporated in 1905 and renamed “Cornelius” to honor Joseph Cornelius, who provided financial support for the first cotton mill in the area.

👉 Davidson College, established in 1837, was founded on land donated by William Lee Davidson II. The college was named after his father, General William Lee Davidson, who had died in the Battle of Cowan’s Ford against the British in 1781. Over time the town surrounding the college had also become known as Davidson College but was eventually shortened to Davidson.

👉 Lake Norman has been featured in the movie Talladega Nights. Ricky Bobby’s dream home was right on Lake Norman.

👉 Lake Norman is a popular spot for birdwatching, with over 300 species of birds spotted in the area.

👉 The location of Beatties Ford was where General Charles Cornwallis attempted to deceive General William Davidson before the Battle at Cowan’s Ford. A bridge was eventually built at this site, which was reconstructed in 1916 following a flood that destroyed the original structure.

👉 However, during the formation of Lake Norman, both the battleground and the Beatties Ford Bridge were submerged. The name “Beatty” was derived from John Beatty, one of the earliest pioneers, believed to be one of, if not the very first, white settlers to cross the Catawba River in 1749.

👉 The Battle of Cowan’s Ford occurred on February 1, 1781, at the Catawba River, where a brief clash ensued to safeguard the retreat of General Nathanael Greene from General Charles Cornwallis and his troops. This battle also marked the final fight of General William Lee Davidson, who was hit by a bullet and died on the spot.

👉 General Greene had left General Davidson with a small group of soldiers and insights into General Cornwallis’s war tactics. Thanks to this information, General Davidson avoided falling for General Cornwallis’s trick at Beatties Ford and positioned his troops at the wagon ford and horse ford crossing points, which could have halted or delayed the British army’s pursuit.

Unfortunately, he wrongly anticipated where Cornwallis would cross, leading to unevenly dispersed troops, with most of them at the incorrect ford. When Davidson rushed to provide reinforcements upon hearing the battle, he was struck down early, causing the militia to panic and retreat.

The battleground is now submerged under Lake Norman, and a memorial stands across from the McGuire Nuclear Station.

👉 The lake also has several parks and nature preserves, including Lake Norman State Park, Jetton Park, Ramsey Creek Park, and Latta Plantation Nature Preserve.

👉 Lake Norman is an important source of drinking water for several surrounding counties.

👉 Lake Norman is a popular spot for kayaking and paddleboarding, with several rental companies and outfitters around the lake.

👉 The lake has a thriving community of sailors and sailboat enthusiasts, with several sailing clubs and regattas held annually.

Sunset on Lake Norman

Lake Norman Beach: FAQs

How Deep is Lake Norman
The lake has a maximum depth of 110 feet, making it one of the deepest lakes in the region.

How Big is Lake Norman
Lake Norman is the largest man-made lake in North Carolina, with a surface area of over 32,000 acres and 520 miles of shoreline.

Lake Norman Elevation
The elevation of Lake Norman varies depending on water levels, which can fluctuate due to rainfall, drought, and other factors. The normal full pond elevation of Lake Norman is 760 feet above sea level but can vary throughout the season.

It’s worth noting that the elevation of specific areas of the lake can also vary, as Lake Norman has several coves and inlets with different depths and elevations. Additionally, erosion or other environmental factors that can change the local elevation may affect some areas around the lake.

Final Thoughts

Lake Norman is a beautiful and popular destination for visitors to North Carolina, offering a range of recreational opportunities and natural beauty that will surely please everyone. Whether looking for a relaxing day on the beach or an adventurous hike through the woods, Lake Norman has something for everyone. Now time to pick a Lake Norman Beach to visit!

Overall, Lake Norman State Park Beach and Ramsey Creek Beach are wonderful destinations for visitors to Lake Norman. Their beautiful scenery, beach, and range of recreational opportunities make them the perfect spots for a day of fun and relaxation on the lake.

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