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When you think about the features that distinguish North Carolina, wineries are unlikely to top the list. In recent decades, however, the western part of the state has increasingly been recognized for excellent wine production. The Yadkin Valley, in particular, has developed a stellar reputation, and it’s in the surrounding region that you’ll find Linville Falls Winery. 

Located some 55 miles northwest of the city of Asheville and just north of the Blue Ridge Parkway, Linville Falls Winery is a family-owned vineyard spanning a lush and picturesque 40 acres. The nature and appearance of the property are likely to surprise visitors, however.

Linville Falls Winery Barn
Linville Falls Winery Barn

Western North Carolina is commonly (and correctly) thought of as a densely forested region of medium-sized mountains, diverse wildlife, and networks of small rivers and creeks. Linville Falls Winery, by contrast, more closely resembles a postcard of California wine country

Here, there are low, sunbaked hills cultivated with various grapes that thrive locally. It’s a lovely place to visit and an attraction well worth including on any trip to western North Carolina. 

Linville Falls Winery Flight of Wine and Snacks
Linville Falls Winery Flight & Snacks

Linville Falls Winery 

Linville Falls Winery draws its name from the nearby Linville Gorge but was founded by one Jack Wiseman in 2012. Now run by Wiseman’s family, the winery produces seven varieties of grapes (in addition to berries, pumpkins, and Fraser Fir Christmas trees for good measure!).

The winery currently produces several local wines, with the Riesling leading the way. However, Linville Falls also sells wine sourced from other regions where certain grapes grow more successfully –– such as a Cabernet Sauvignon from the Colombia Valley in Washington. 

Linville Falls Winery Outdoors
Linville Falls Winery

In addition to selling high-quality wines of numerous varieties, Linville Falls Winery also offers exceptional experiences to visitors. You’ll have the opportunity to book a tasting, tour the vineyard, and even enjoy the occasional special event (such as a Valentine’s Day wine and chocolate pairing). 

Inside Linville Falls Winery
Inside Linville Falls Winery

It’s a wonderful place to visit and one that any wine lover should include as part of a visit to western North Carolina. They offer a beautiful setting, friendly staff, and great wines.

Linville Falls Winery Sign
Linville Falls Winery

Restaurants Near Linville Falls Winery

Linville Falls Winery offers food to its visitors. While the winery doesn’t have a restaurant, it hosts food trucks regularly. The winery’s website features a food truck calendar, which will help you gauge whether you are interested in whatever food might be on offer on a given day.   

If you’re looking for more of a sit-down restaurant to complement your visit to the winery, there are several good ones to consider in the area. The following should be at the top of your list: 

✔️ Louise’s Rock House Restaurant (aka Famous Louise’s) 

Louise’s Address & Google Maps

Formerly known as Linville Falls Tavern, this nearby establishment has been in business for nearly 90 years. Built in the fashion of a large cabin, the restaurant has long been relied upon by locals and visitors alike for its friendly service, fair prices, and comfort food. 

Expect a menu with chicken fingers and cheeseburgers, meatloaf and beef tips, and even a 12-ounce ribeye and some southern seafood options (such as catfish and mountain trout). There’s nothing particularly “high-end” about the offerings, but mostly everything is tasty and filling –– particularly after a long day exploring the region outdoors. 

If you’ve worked up an appetite while tasting wines, throw in an appetizer of jalapeno pickle chips and save some room for a slice or two of fresh pie!

Famous Louise's Rock House Restaurant

✔️ The Tin Trout

The Tin Trout Address on Google Maps

Located in Crossnore, some four miles north of the winery, The Tin Trout is a casual restaurant with an authentic, local atmosphere. The restaurant is situated at the edge of the forest, virtually on top of a creek, making it look very much like home in its Appalachian surroundings. Inside, you’ll find simple seating, welcoming mountain décor, and an in-house menu of comfort food. 

The Tin Trout offers burgers and sandwiches aplenty, though as you might glean from the name, its defined “staples” consist mainly of seafood. Shrimp and grits and a fried oyster basket are among the more tempting menu items, though if you want something southern and don’t like seafood, you might also opt for the chicken and waffles. 

Tin Trout Restaurant

✔️ The Pedalin’ Pig 

The Pedalin’ Pig Address on Google Maps

Many traveling around North Carolina are keen on finding authentic local barbecue. In the Linville area, the best place to do so is at The Pedalin’ Pig –– a cozy and casual venue some 20 minutes drive north of the vineyard in Banner Elk. 

Modeled after their original establishment in the beloved mountain town of Boone, The Pedalin’ Pig offers barbecue the North Carolina way: smoked gradually, sourced locally, and accompanied by traditional sides such as hushpuppies, pickle chips, and even crispy pork rinds.

You can’t exactly go wrong with a menu like this one, but if you’re looking for a true plate of North Carolina barbecue, aim for pulled pork and hushpuppies and get your hands on some tangy vinegar sauce (they make some in-house). 

Notably, The Pedalin’ Pig also keeps up a rotation of local beers. There are also cocktails, but visitors should know that this region of North Carolina is renowned for its craft brews. Feel free to ask whoever serves you what they’d recommend off the craft list! 

Pedalin' Pig Sign

✔️ Bella’s

Bella’s Address on Google Maps

As you may have noticed, most of the go-to dining options in the area are casual. If you’re interested in something slightly more upscale, continue a short drive to Bella’s. 

Bella’s is a lovely Italian restaurant with a family-run vibe located in Sugar Mountain Village (one of North Carolina’s main ski mountains). The menu includes Italian favorites, from pizzas and flatbreads to assorted pasta dishes to staples like chicken marsala and veal Parmigiano. There are also some excellent seafood preparations and a garlic-seasoned ribeye steak. 

True to the area, Bella’s is also fairly casual. It is about as close as you’ll find to fine dining near Linville Falls Winery, however, if that appeals to you. Not for nothing, a lovely Italian meal can also be the perfect follow-up to an afternoon of wine tasting.

Bella's Restaurant Sign

Hotels Near Linville Falls Winery

Many visitors to Linville Falls Winery will likely stay in mountain towns such as Boone or Asheville –– if not driving in from other parts of the state entirely. However, if this isn’t the case and you’re looking for lodging near the vineyard, there are some unique and comfortable options.

Just bear in mind that few of these options are traditional hotels. Most take the shape of cottages, bed-and-breakfasts, or, in one case, even a castle!

Linville Falls Lodge & Cottages 

8890 NC-183, Linville Falls, NC 28647

Located just minutes from Linville Falls Winery, this cozy cluster of cottages makes for a simple, convenient stay. This establishment offers less of a traditional hotel arrangement and more of an alternative to an Airbnb or VRBO property. That is to say, when you stay at Linville Falls Lodge & Cottages, you’ll enjoy your own house, complete with bathroom and kitchen needs. Please note they have limited WiFi. 

You also have the option of renting the so-called Manor House. This beautiful home at the edge of the woods will accommodate up to eight guests, which is suitable if you have a larger party or want more space. 

Some prospective guests will also be interested to know that this lodging place was originally constructed in the 1930s to help house the people building the Blue Ridge Parkway! 

Book your stay at Linville Falls Lodge & Cottages here

Linville Falls Lodge & Cottages Sign

✅ Blue Ridge Boutique Hotel 

203 Pinebridge Ave, Spruce Pine, NC 28777

Blue Ridge Boutique Hotel may be the place for you if you’re looking for a more traditional hotel but want it to feel tied to the area. Formerly an elementary school, it is situated atop the Toe River and within walking distance of both Riverside Park and the quaint town of Spruce Pine. It is also managed entirely by community college students as part of a non-profit endeavor. 

The hotel’s 32 rooms are by no means extravagant, but they’re comfortable enough, and each one is distinct in one way or another. Blue Ridge Boutique Hotel will provide you with an excellent home base from which to explore the area. 

The Pineola

3085 Linville Falls Hwy, Newland, NC 28657

Beautifully situated against Blue Ridge forest land –– and equipped with RV sites and nearby campgrounds –– The Pineola is another place where you can rent your own lodge space or private cabin. 

The Pineola Sign

The Lodge provides one of the closest approximations of a traditional hotel in the area, with a variety of private rooms for anywhere from one to four people. Meanwhile, the cabins are scattered about The Pineola’s expansive land and booked out as whole units.

They vary somewhat in their specific offerings, though most of them come equipped with kitchen space, porches, and sometimes even hot tubs. 

Book your stay here.

Outside the Pineola Resort

Things To Do Near Linville, NC 

Without a doubt, Linville Falls Winery qualifies as one of the top attractions in the area. At the same time, however, there are plenty of other attractions and activities to enjoy around Linville. If you’re staying for a few days or have some time on either end of your winery visit, here are a few other options you may want to look into. 

📌 Linville Falls

If you want to see the waterfall for which Linville Falls is named, you’ll need to venture into Pisgah National Forest. For this specific purpose, you’ll want to drive to the Linville Falls Visitor Center for parking.

From there, you can head out on one of a few trails, with Erwins View Trail and Linville Gorge Trail being the best for views of the waterfall. Both are relatively easy hikes, though you’ll want to take proper precautions and watch your footing. 

It’s important to note that you’re not supposed to get too close when you reach the falls. You’ll be witnessing one of the most beautiful natural sights in North Carolina, and you’re welcome to enjoy it as long as you want (and take plenty of photos!). However, visitors are forbidden by the National Parks Service from swimming beneath the falls. 

On the plus side, if you’re out searching for a swimming hole, there is an option not too far away! The Hunt and Fish Falls, also within the Linville Gorge, do allow swimming. Ask around at the Visitor Center (or seek out the slightly more ambitious Mountains to Sea Trail), and you’ll be on your way.  

Linville Falls NC

📌 Linville Caverns 

Roughly five miles south of Linville Falls Winery lies the Linville Caverns attraction. Billing itself as “North Carolina’s only show cavern,” this destination offers stunning tours into Humpback Mountain. The caves and underground trails were discovered in the early 19th century and opened to the public in 1937. 

Though the caverns have been made safer over time by adding rails and lights, they have retained their natural, almost otherworldly splendor. Expect to see sensational stalactite and stalagmite foundations, mysterious cave recesses, and even a little bit of wildlife; bats inhabit the cave, and mountain trout swim through underground streams. 

You won’t have to book a tour far in advance but do be sure to check the caverns’ website before visiting. Hours vary by season.   

📌 Book a Private Boutique Tour and Travel the Blue Ridge Parkway, Linville Falls, and Roaring Fork Falls

If you’re interested in exploring Linville Falls and the surrounding area more comprehensively, you can book a private boutique tour. This will involve riding along on a Blue Ridge Parkway drive with a private guide for you and your party. 

The drive will be a treat, particularly during the fall when the forest views are stunning. Along the way, however, you’ll also stop at numerous area attractions: the Folk Art Center, Craggy Gardens, Mount Mitchell State Park (featuring the highest peak in the eastern United States), Roaring Fork Falls, Linville Falls, Grandfather Mountain, and historic Moses H. Cone Memorial Park. 

These are all beautiful and fascinating places to see, and one can argue there’s no better way to do it than with a guide who will handle the driving and keep you informed about what you’re seeing.

Furthermore, while there’s a lot to see on a tour like this, the area is compact enough that you’ll have every opportunity to head back out on your own and spend more time at any attraction you feel particularly drawn to. 

Book your tour today!

📌 Grandfather Mountain Hiking 

Grandfather Mountain was just mentioned as a stop along the private Blue Ridge Parkway tour you’ll have the opportunity to take. But the mountain also makes for a great activity– particularly if you’d like to offset your Linville Falls Winery visit with some exercise! 

Driving up the mountain from the Gate House (just off the Blue Ridge Parkway), you’ll have the opportunity to stop and enjoy overlooks, hiking trails, picnic areas, wildlife habitats, and even an indoor nature center (great for kids).

Farther up the mountain, you can embark on a slightly more ambitious hike and walk across the famous mile-high swinging bridge –– which is far safer than it sounds. 

You can enjoy Grandfather Mountain by either taking it easy with a picnic and sightseeing or hiking the trails and earning your summit views by working up a sweat. Either way, it’s a beautiful attraction and an iconic North Carolina destination. 

Grandfather Mountain Mile-High Swinging Brige near Little Switzerland NC

📌 Brewery Visits 

As mentioned previously in the restaurant suggestions, this region of North Carolina is renowned for its craft breweries. Even if you’re primarily visiting the Linville Falls area to visit the winery, you may want to explore a few of these breweries. 

The closest option, located in the town of Spruce Pine, is Bierdock, a cheerful local spot specializing in darker brews and serving comfort food (think hot pretzels and cheesy fries). 

If you’re willing to venture about 20 or 30 miles north of Linville Falls, check out Blowing Rock Brewing Company and Booneshine Brewing Company. Keep an eye out for Booneshine’s El Chupacabra and Blowing Rock’s Meadow Mist IPA. 

Glass of IPA from Boonshine Brewing

Final Thoughts 

As you can see, there’s much to do during a visit to Linville Falls Winery. First and foremost, the winery offers some of the prettiest views in North Carolina and a chance to taste outstanding wine from a region that’s too often overlooked.

Even beyond the winery, however, you’ll have the opportunity to indulge in local accommodations, have your fill of comfort food and drink, and explore many unforgettable outdoor activities. 

Many people fall in love with this part of the state upon visiting. A trip to Linville Falls Winery gives you every excuse to do the same. 

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