Outside the Salud Beer Shop

17+ Fun NoDa Breweries in Charlotte NC & Craft Beer Nearby

Looking for NoDa Breweries in Charlotte NC?

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Are you searching for the best breweries in Charlotte? Then, you will definitely want to head over to the NoDa neighborhood. NoDa is a lively, artistic neighborhood located in the northeast section of Charlotte. In NoDa, you’ll find amazing street art, mouthwatering restaurants, and some of the best breweries in the entire city.

Why is it called NoDa?

NoDa, short for North Davidson, is named after the street that runs through the heart of the neighborhood. But did you know the area was originally called North Charlotte in the early and mid-1900s?

After the last textile mill closed in 1975, things began to shift in the neighborhood, and its journey to becoming an artistic hub began. Steve Holt, a famous and beloved artist in the area, was the one who first called the neighborhood “NoDa” shortly after the opening of his first art studio, “Studio 23.”

Today, NoDa is a thriving arts and entertainment district with a unique vibe that draws people from all over Charlotte. It’s home to several craft breweries, art galleries, live music venues, and some of the best restaurants in the city.

NoDa Breweries in Charlotte NC & Nearby

Your hunt for all the best breweries in NoDa is over! Here is a complete list of all the best breweries nearby, sorted by distance from the heart of NoDa at 36th and North Davidson

1. Salud Cerveceria 

Address: 3306-C N. Davidson St., Charlotte, NC 28205 (2nd Floor)

Salud Cerveceria is a laid-back taproom, coffee shop, and restaurant. They serve unique flavors of sours, Hazy IPAs, German beers, and more, along with amazing espresso drinks, brunch, wood-fired pizza, and sandwiches.

Beers upstairs at the Salud Cerveceria

You can read more in the Bar section below about their original business, Salud Bottle Shop, which is still located downstairs from the Cerveceria.

Inside the Salud Cerveceria

2. Protagonist NoDa

Address: 3123 N. Davidson St., Suite 104, Charlotte, NC 28205

Protagonist NoDa is an elegant brewery that is one of the newest facilities to join the area. They have fun beer flavors, all named after the protagonists who inspired them. They serve wine as well.

Protagonist Outside

3. The Chamber by Wooden Robot

Address: 416 E. 36th St, Suite 100, Charlotte, NC 28205

Wooden Robot is a 15-barrel urban farmhouse brewery that focuses on Belgian farmhouse brews. The Chamber is their newest wood-aging facility in Charlotte that allows for up-close views of the barrels and the beers being brewed.

The Chamber is a summertime favorite, as they have a wonderful outdoor patio and a superb rooftop beer garden. On Wednesday’s-Saturday they have rotating food trucks.

17+ Fun NoDa Breweries in Charlotte NC & Craft Beer Nearby

4. Heist Brewery

Address: 2909 N. Davidson St., Charlotte, NC 28205
(0.3 miles from 36th and North Davidson)

Heist Brewery is one of the most popular breweries in Charlotte, and at the time they opened, it was the city’s only craft brewpub. They originally began as a Belgian and German-style brewery but have expanded into much more, like making the original Hazy IPA in North Carolina (Citraquench’l).

Not only do they have history, spirit, and great beer, but they are also a great spot to stop and get food. They specialize in wood-fired flatbreads, sandwiches, wraps, and dips. 

Inside Heist Brewing

5. Divine Barrel Brewing

Address: 3701 N. Davidson St., Suite 203, Charlotte, NC 28205
(0.6 miles from 36th and North Davidson)

Divine Barrel Brewing has a compelling menu with a take on all your favorite beers. They have tasty sours, barley wines, and stouts, all brewed in their specialty oak barrels. At their taproom, they hold event nights and weekly specials and have food from local businesses they’ve partnered with. 

6. Free Range Brewing

Address: 2320 N. Davidson St., Charlotte, NC 28205
(0.7 miles from 36th and North Davidson)

Free Range Brewing is a family-run, community-building brewery that works closely with Charlotte farmers, chefs, artists, and other businesses. They can proudly say that their beers are 95% made from locally grown ingredients.

Stop in their spacious taproom for a wonderful beer, and maybe even catch a live show. They also serve light snacks and host tasty POP-UP food trucks throughout the week.

7. NoDa Brewing | The OG

Address: 2229 N. Davidson St., Charlotte, NC 28205
(0.7 miles from 36th and North Davidson)

NoDa Brewing began in 2011 and has since become a staple brewery in the neighborhood and Charlotte. They have three locations throughout the city, but if you’re in the NoDa area, you have to visit The OG, the place where it all started for NoDa Brewing.

They have dozens of all their classic brews and small-batch flavors on tap in their quaint taproom. They also offer wonderful beer tastings and flights and will even give you a little history of the brewery if you ask.

8. NoDa Brewing | North End

Address: 150 W 32nd St, Charlotte, NC 28206
(0.8 miles from 36th and North Davidson)

NoDa Brewing North End is home to their main production facility, taproom, and amazing beer garden. If you are looking for a nice, family-friendly setting, then you should definitely consider this taproom. They have lots of space, lovely outdoor areas, events, and food trucks, and you can even take a free brewery tour!  

Outside of NoDa Brewing

9. Birdsong Brewing Co.

Address: 1016 N. Davidson St., Charlotte, NC 28206
(2 miles from 36th and North Davidson)

Birdsong Brewing Company opened on North Davidson Street in 2011 as a comfortable neighborhood brewery, a place people could come to for delicious beer. Their taproom is very homey and spacious with great indoor and outdoor seating.

They have 12 different beers on tap, including their flagship brews, some seasonal beers, and a great mix of limited-release beers available for your drinking pleasure. Birdsong Brewing holds many live music events and has different food trucks almost every day of the week. 

10. Fonta Flora | Optimist Hall

Address: 1115 N Brevard St Ste D, Charlotte, NC 28206
(2 miles from 36th and North Davidson)

Fonta Flora is a popular brewery based in Morganton, NC, with a production facility in Nebo and now an exciting new taproom in Optimist Hall. They work with a handful of local farmers to use freshly grown, local ingredients to create their rustic-style ales. At their space in Optimist Hall, you can order draught beers or packaged products to go. 

Fonta Flora Brewery Flights
Flight at Fonta Flora in their Morganton location

11. Heist Brewery & Barrel Arts

Address: 1030 Woodward Ave., Charlotte, NC 28206
(2.3 miles from 36th and North Davidson)

Inside Heist Barrel Arts

Heist Brewery and Barrel Arts is Heist’s second location in Charlotte, located immediately north of Camp North End. This has become Heist’s primary production facility as they need to keep up with demand for their most popular beers.

Pizza at Heist Barrel Arts

Heist Brewery & Barrel Arts includes both a large taproom and an outdoor seating area. They serve amazing food here as well. 

Outside Patio at Heist Barrel Arts

12. Petty Thieves Brewing Co. 

Address: 413 Dalton Ave. Suite B, Charlotte, NC 28206
(2.3 miles from 36th and North Davidson)

Petty Thieves might just be the most enchanting taproom you’ll ever step foot into. It’s a comfortable place with an atmosphere right out of a wizard world. There’s even a hidden room you can find.

To match the ambiance, they also have an outstanding assortment of unique and flavorful beers. They occasionally host live music and food trucks. Their outdoor patio space also includes a great view of the Charlotte skyline.  

13. Catawba Brewing Company Charlotte

Address: 933 Louise Ave #105, Charlotte, NC 28204
(2.4 miles from 36th and North Davidson)

You may have heard of Catawba Brewing Company, as it is a very popular spot in Asheville and features some well-known regional beers, especially their White Zombie Wheat Ale. They expanded into Charlotte with a spectacular taproom just outside of the NoDa neighborhood in 2017.

Catawba Brewing was founded by North Carolina natives, and all their flavors celebrate the fresh tastes of North Carolina’s great outdoors. At this location, they serve all their delicious classic beers and hard seltzers, and they are dog-friendly on their lovely outdoor patio. 

14. Southern Strain Brewing Company

Address: 1800 Central Ave, Charlotte, NC 28205
(2.5 miles from 36th and North Davidson)

Southern Strain Brewing Company was founded in Concord, NC, and opened this Plaza Midwood location in April of 2022. All of their beer is brewed at their Concord production facility less than 25 miles away, but this taproom carries a great selection of their own beers.

This is a very dog-friendly facility. Therefore, they do not offer food. However, they occasionally host food trucks, and there are a number of places nearby where you can grab some food to bring in. 

15. Legion Brewing 

Address: 1906 Commonwealth Ave, Charlotte, NC 28205
(2.6 miles from 36th and North Davidson)

Legion Brewing specializes in crafting high-quality beers with unique flavors and ingredients. Their taproom offers a welcoming and lively atmosphere, with both indoor and outdoor seating options.

In addition to their extensive beer list, they also serve a variety of food options, from small plates to sandwiches and pizzas. Founded in 2015 at this location in Plaza Midwood, they have since opened a location in SouthPark and, more recently, a production facility on West Morehead.

16. Burial Beer Co. – The House of Relics

Address: 1214 Thomas Ave, Charlotte, NC 28205
(2.6 miles from 36th and North Davidson)

Burial Beer Co, a renowned brewery based in Asheville, NC, opened this Plaza Midwood taproom in June of 2022. Their creative and eclectic beer offerings are a huge fan favorite. This location features a great rooftop deck as well as an outdoor beer garden.

They have a kitchen as well, primarily serving burgers and sandwiches. Although we have not eaten at this location, we have had the food at their Forestry Camp location in Asheville, and it was nothing short of outstanding. Burial is a great addition to Charlotte’s fantastic beer scene.

Burial Forest Camp Inside of Building
Forestry Camp location in Asheville

17. Resident Culture Brewing Company

Address: 2101 Central Ave, Charlotte, NC 28205
(2.7 miles from 36th and North Davidson)

Resident Culture Brewing is a fun and adventurous brewery with an amazingly playful yet organized atmosphere. Their original location in Plaza Midwood is an active brewery, so you’re sure to get freshly brewed beers in each glass.

They have delicious, hop-forward flavors (that you can try on flights!), and they also serve cocktails. Resident Culture Plaza Midwood has many nightly events and Food Truck Fridays.

18. Pilot Brewing

Address: 1331 Central Ave Suite 104, Charlotte, NC 28205
(2.7 miles from 36th and North Davidson)

Pilot Brewing Company is a small-batch brewery that focuses on quality over quantity. Their small size also allows them to have constantly rotating flavors, which are always fun and unique.

Their industrial-style taproom is spacious and perfect for the events they often hold here at this spot in Plaza Midwood. Food trucks team up with Pilot every weekend to serve guests delicious meals, and dogs are allowed inside and out. 

Mural of a bunch of people in NoDa

Bars in NoDa Charlotte NC

19. The Blind Pig

Address: 453 E 36th St, Charlotte, NC 28205

The Blind Pig is a staple in NoDa. It is your classic local bar with a fun game room featuring pinball machines, skeeball, and other classic arcade games. Whether you are visiting late at night or stopping in for a quick drink and a game in the afternoon, The Blind Pig will not disappoint. 

20. Dog Bar

Address: 3307 N Davidson St, Charlotte, NC 28205

This bar is a dog lover’s paradise because, like its name, they are a fully dog-friendly bar. Memberships are needed to enter the dog bar with your dog, as you have to provide some info about your furry friend for safety reasons. This place is fully equipped with dog toys, astroturf, a cooled patio misting system, shade, and everything else to keep your dog happy!

This unique place offers a comfortable setting for pet owners to bring their dog companions while they enjoy a drink. They don’t serve food (for obvious reasons), but they do have events, live music, dog birthday parties, and more! 

21. Salud Bottle Shop

Address: 3306 N Davidson St, Charlotte, NC 28205

Downstairs from Salud Cerveceria is the popular Salud Bottle Shop. This location is where they got their start and where you can purchase a large variety of canned and bottled beers and more. There is a small bar with 16 beers on tap where they offer great beer tastings, and you can also get any of their food for takeout. 

Outside the Salud Beer Shop

22. Billy Jack’s Shack

Address: 3220 N Davidson St, Charlotte, NC 28205

Billy Jack’s Shack is an all-around great restaurant and bar in the heart of NoDa. They have legendary food, including their famous “sticky nuggs,” wings, and more. For the night owls, they are open late at night with a mouthwatering late-night menu, and to top it all off, they have one of the best brunches in the city. 

23. JackBeagle’s NoDa

Address: 3213 N Davidson St, Charlotte, NC 28205

JackBeagles’ is a popular, family-style restaurant/bar with a few locations and a great one in NoDa. Not only is it a full-service bar, but they also serves award-winning, home-cooked food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Outside of Jack Beagle's

Stop in for a handcrafted cocktail, or their famous mac n’ cheese, or beagle bites. 

JackBeagles Sign

24. NoDa 101

Address: 3205 N Davidson St #101, Charlotte, NC 28205

Are you a Karaoke fan? If so, NoDa 101 will be your favorite place in town. NoDa 101 is a karaoke bar seven days a week. They have all the best songs, all the drinks you could ask for, and some of the best entertainment. They have a classic dive-bar atmosphere with affordable drinks and always something exciting happening. 

25. Growlers Pourhouse

Address: 3120 N Davidson St, Charlotte, NC 28205

At Growlers Pourhouse, they like to keep things simple with craft beer and beer food. Their “beer food” includes things like oysters, classic burgers, shrimp cocktails, wings, and lots more. This is the perfect place to sit down with friends or enjoy a game on TV.

Outside of Growlers Pourhouse

26. Idlewild

Address: 424 E 36th St Unit 2, Charlotte, NC 28205

Idlewild is a cozy, modern cocktail bar. They are one of the more popular late-night bars in NoDa, as they are open from 6 pm to 2 am. Idlewild has limited seating because the space is small, but it makes for a more intimate atmosphere. They serve beautifully handcrafted cocktails like no other place around. 

27. The Broken Spoke

Address: 610 Anderson St, Charlotte, NC 28205

The Broken Spoke is a popular cocktail bar located within the 15,000-square-foot Great Wagon Road Distillery facility in NoDa. They have several freshly distilled whiskeys and a few gins that are unlike anything you’ve ever tasted.

The atmosphere at The Broken Spoke is sophisticated and generally quiet, with comfortable leather furniture and an outdoor patio. From the tasting room, visitors can witness the distillery process in action. Guests are welcome to stop in for a stunning handcrafted cocktail or a sampler flight of their alcohol. 

The Bloom Mural

Places to Stay near NoDa Charlotte NC

📍Queen Suite – Visiting NoDa on a budget? This Queen Suite in Villa Heights is just five minutes from NoDa, and ten minutes from Uptown Charlotte and would be a perfect option for your vacation. It is an upscale single-bedroom apartment with one queen-sized bed and a pull-out, perfect for sleeping up to four guests. The room is extremely clean and has fresh towels, a full kitchen and bath, and access to the outdoor pool and exercise room. 

📍Beautiful Unique Apartment – This beautiful apartment is situated right in NoDa and just minutes from popular Charlotte attractions like The Mint Museum and Blumenthal Performing Arts Center and all of NoDa’s best breweries. The apartment is perfect for a small family getaway or even a romantic couples’ trip. There are two beds, fresh linens, and a full kitchen and bath. Amenities with this apartment include access to a garden and children’s playground, and this place is pet-friendly.

📍Charlotte Luxury Home  – If you have a large gathering and are looking to splurge a little, then you’ll adore this Charlotte Luxury Home located in the heart of NoDa. This artful home is clean, spacious, and comfortable. There are four beds, sleeping up to eight guests, free toiletries, and even a small front porch and backyard. This home books fast, so make your reservation today!

NoDa Breweries in Charlotte NC: FAQs

📌 NoDa Breweries with Food Options
Most of the breweries listed above have rotating food truck options throughout the week. However, Heist Brewery, Salud Cerveceria, Divine Barrel Brewing, Pilot Brewing, and Devil’s Logic Brewing all serve their own delicious, freshly cooked meals.  

📌 What is NoDa known for?
NoDa is known for being a historical arts district and for being an entertainment hub in Charlotte.

📌 What is NoDa called NoDa?
NoDa is short for North Davidson, the main street that runs through the neighborhood. 

📌 Where is NoDa located in Charlotte?
NoDa is located in the northeast section of Charlotte. 

📌 Is NoDa Charlotte a good area?
NoDa is a funky, off-beat sort of neighborhood, but it is generally very safe and pleasant to walk around and visit. 

Final Thoughts

NoDa is one of the most eccentric places in Charlotte. It is full of charm, art, and some of the best breweries and bars in the area. You could spend days simply visiting all the bars and trying all the freshly brewed beers. We hope this guide is helpful to you on your brewery tour of NoDa!

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