Beef Tartare at Kindred

20+ Amazing Restaurants in Davidson NC + Drinks & Dessert

Looking for the Best Restaurants in Davidson NC?

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Welcome to Davidson, North Carolina, a charming town nestled in Mecklenburg County. Known for its rich history, scenic beauty, and thriving community, Davidson offers a delightful blend of small-town charm and modern amenities. 

Beyond its picturesque streets and quaint architecture, Davidson boasts a burgeoning food scene, home to some of the finest restaurants in the region. 

In this guide, we will take you on a culinary journey through the best dining establishments that Davidson has to offer. From mouthwatering American delicacies to exotic global cuisines, prepare your taste buds for a delectable experience in this culinary haven.

Davidson is situated just north of Charlotte, the state’s largest city. Davidson offers a peaceful retreat from the bustling urban life while maintaining convenient access to urban amenities. 

The town’s history dates back to the early 1800s when it was founded by Presbyterians who established Davidson College, a prestigious liberal arts institution that remains a focal point of the community.

Best Restaurants in Davidson NC

The restaurants are not listed in any particular order or ranking, but here are some fantastic restaurants for you to choose from in Davidson, NC. We know there are many additional restaurant options in Davidson; here is a great list to start with!

1. Kindred

Address: 131 N Main St, Davidson, NC 28036

Nestled across the street from Davidson College, Kindred is a culinary gem that stands as a testament to the skill and passion of its powerful culinary couple, Joe and Katy Kindred. Garnering accolades and a coveted James Beard nomination, this award-winning restaurant has become a beacon of fine dining in Davidson, NC, transcending its college-town origins.


Step inside Kindred, and you’ll embark on a flagship dining experience that delights the senses from start to finish. Each visit promises an exciting culinary journey, thanks to their dynamic seasonal menu that showcases the culinary prowess of Chef Joe Kindred.

Milk Bread at Kindred

From the famed milk bread rolls that melt in your mouth to the tantalizing squid ink pasta, every dish is a masterpiece of flavors and presentation.

Squid Ink Pasta at Kindred

A proud proponent of locally sourced ingredients, Kindred’s commitment to supporting local farmers and foragers shines through in every bite. Chef Joe’s cuisine is an amalgamation of global experiences and southern traditions, resulting in dishes that captivate and surprise even the most discerning palates.

Beef Tartare at Kindred

Situated in a multi-level historic building in downtown Davidson, Kindred exudes an air of timeless charm. Originally the town pharmacy when erected in 1914, the Kindreds have lovingly restored the space while preserving its historical essence.

Crudo at Kindred

The restaurant’s ambiance seamlessly marries the past and the present, creating an inviting atmosphere for patrons seeking an unforgettable dining experience. Both lunch and dinner at Kindred promise a celebration of flavors, textures, and creativity, as the rotating menus continuously introduce novel and enticing tastes each week.

Milk Bread Pudding at Kindred

Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor to Davidson, a visit to Kindred promises an enchanting gastronomic adventure that will leave you eager to return for more of Chef Joe’s culinary wizardry.

Kindred's outdoor patio

2. North Harbor Club

Address: 100 N Harbor Pl, Davidson, NC 28036

Nestled on the picturesque north side of Davidson, the North Harbor Club is a nautical-themed haven that boasts one of Lake Norman’s most enchanting outdoor seating areas. If you’re seeking a waterfront restaurant with a touch of sophistication, this gem is a must-visit.

Setting itself apart from the majority of other Lake Norman waterfront options, the North Harbor Club offers an upscale dining experience that caters to the discerning palate.

Their menu is a delightful fusion of delectable choices, featuring succulent filet mignon, mouthwatering beef & reef (surf & turf), savory chops, and a delightful array of fish and seafood options. But that’s not all – you’ll also find a variety of enticing salads, sandwiches, and burgers to satisfy any craving.

North Harbor Club Sign

Prepare your taste buds for an unforgettable journey as you peruse their appetizer menu, boasting tantalizing options like the tropical-infused mango bango shrimp, the comforting warmth of pistachio-crusted brie, the exquisite lobster egg rolls, and the bold flavors of Korean street tacos.

Whether you’re joining them for lunch, dinner, or a leisurely Sunday Brunch, the North Harbor Club is dedicated to delivering culinary excellence. Their Sunday Brunch menu is a treasure trove of favorites, including the classic eggs benedict, the indulgent croissant French toast, and the mouthwatering cajun shrimp and grits.

North Harbor Club

Thirsty patrons will revel in their expansive drink menu, offering hand-crafted cocktails, indulgent martinis, draft, and bottled beers, and an impressive selection of wines. As you relax in their inviting bar area adorned with warm wood accents and expansive windows overlooking the water, the ambiance alone will transport you to a world of tranquility.

If you’re arriving by boat, you’re in luck – they provide nine boat slips for those coming off the water for an enjoyable lakeside dining experience.

North Harbor Club Boat Slips

3. Carrburritos

Address: 445 S Main St, Davidson, NC 28036

Nestled in the heart of Davidson, Carrburritos is a beloved casual Mexican eatery that has garnered widespread fame for its mouthwatering burritos, tacos, and nachos. Boasting an inviting and laid-back ambiance, this eatery has become a go-to spot for both students and locals seeking a delightful Mexican dining experience.

Carrburritos Seating

You’ll be greeted by a tantalizing menu of handcrafted tacos and burritos that are sure to satisfy your cravings. Each dish is thoughtfully prepared with a focus on sophisticated flavors and generous portions, ensuring a truly satisfying dining experience.

One of the hallmarks of Carrburritos is its unwavering commitment to using fresh ingredients in all of their dishes. From the salsas to the fillings, everything is made in-house, guaranteeing a burst of authentic Mexican flavors with every bite.

Carrburritos Nachos

The restaurant also takes pride in its bar, which is fully stocked with a wide selection of your favorite Mexican beers, perfectly complementing the vibrant and zesty dishes. Not to be missed are their award-winning margaritas, skillfully crafted to add an extra layer of delight to your meal.

Carrburritos Top Shelf Margaritas

4. Mandolino’s Artisan Pizza

Address: 208 S Main St, Davidson, NC 28036

Incorporating carefully-sourced ingredients, Mandolino’s presents a delightful menu that transports diners to the heart of Italy. One of the standout offerings is their scratch-made sheet pan pizza, expertly brick-oven baked and affectionately known as grandma-style pizza. 

Mandolino's pizza

As the second culinary venture owned by the talented team behind Flatiron Kitchen+Taphouse, Mandolino’s opened its doors in 2018 under the vision and dedication of Flatiron Chef Bill Schutz and other esteemed founding partners. 

Rooted in a desire to blend cherished family values and comforting culinary traditions, the restaurant found its charming home on Main Street, where it continues to captivate patrons with its inviting storefront.

Mandolino's outside patio

Grandma-style pizza, known for its distinctive flavors and unique preparation, holds its origins in Italy but achieved widespread fame on the shores of Long Island, NY. Mandolino’s has embraced this classic style, infusing it with their own signature touches and impeccable craftsmanship.

Mandolino's pasta

Drawing on their Italian roots, Mandolino’s remains committed to sourcing the finest ingredients, ensuring every dish reflects the rich culinary heritage that inspired its inception.

Mandolino's wings

With each bite of their brick-oven-baked pizza, diners can savor the harmonious blend of tradition and innovation that defines Mandolino’s and sets it apart as a treasured culinary destination on Main Street.

5. Soda Shop

Address: 104 S Main St, Davidson, NC 28036

Opened in 1951 across from Davidson College, The Soda Shop has become a cherished tradition among students, locals, and visitors alike. It stands as a testament to an era that is slowly fading away, making it an original and one of the few remaining establishments of its kind. 

For those yearning for a taste of nostalgia or a chance to relive their college days or childhood, The Soda Shop offers the perfect destination. Its walls, though silent, whisper tales of the restaurant’s rich history and the diverse array of customers it has served over the years.

Soda Shop wall

In this welcoming and timeless setting, people gather to savor delicious meals, enjoy refreshing drinks, and engage in lively social interactions. It’s a place where strangers may find themselves seated next to unexpected acquaintances or intriguing personalities. 

The allure of The Soda Shop lies not only in its menu but also in the vibrant atmosphere that surrounds it, fostering connections and shared experiences for all who step through its doors.

Davidson Soda Shop

6. Famous Toastery

Address: 101 N Main St, Davidson, NC 28036

The Toastery has earned a stellar reputation as one of the most rapidly growing and highly esteemed restaurants in the area. Their extensive and diverse menu caters to every craving, whether it’s a hankering for a classic burger, a refreshing salad to jumpstart the day, a sumptuous omelet for lunch, or a delightful brunch experience any day of the week. 

With an unwavering commitment to providing a truly versatile and anytime breakfast affair, The Toastery warmly embraces the idea that patrons can indulge in their favorite breakfast items at any hour, right up until closing time.

At the heart of their appeal lies the exceptional menu, boasting an impressive selection of mouthwatering omelets, fluffy pancakes, and delectable combination plates. For those with dietary restrictions, The Toastery thoughtfully offers gluten-free pancakes, waffles, and french toast, ensuring that everyone can savor their breakfast favorites without compromise.

And for those seeking a refreshing morning beverage, The Toastery takes it up a notch by serving real fresh-squeezed orange juice, a delightful and invigorating treat to complement any breakfast choice.

Famous Toastery

7. Brickhouse Tavern

Address: 209 Delburg St, Davidson, NC 28036

The Brickhouse Tavern is an American restaurant housed in a refurbished cotton mill, exuding a sleek and bustling atmosphere. With a remarkable history of serving the Lake Norman community for two decades, The Brickhouse Tavern stands as a beloved culinary destination.

Upon entering, patrons find themselves immersed in the rich history of Davidson, seated within the rustic brick walls of the old Davidson Cotton Mill, dating back to the 1890s.

This unique setting provides various seating options, including the dining room, tap room, and an inviting outdoor patio area, all contributing to a casual and welcoming ambiance, setting the stage for a complete dining experience.

Brickhouse Tavern

The diverse menu at The Brickhouse Tavern offers an array of classic dishes, each infused with bold flavors that delight the palate. From appetizers and salads to sandwiches, C.A.B. burgers (Certified Angus Beef), pasta, seafood, and pizza, there is something to satisfy every craving and preference. 

One of The Brickhouse Tavern’s standout features is its impressive beer list, boasting over 70 selections, including a wide range of Carolina Craft brews. With one of the largest beer selections in the Lake Norman area, beer enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike can find their perfect libation to complement the superb food offerings.

Brickhouse Tavern

Whether enjoying a sit-down meal in the inviting atmosphere or opting for takeout, The Brickhouse Tavern consistently delivers high-quality fare, with their pizzas being particularly renowned. 

8. The Pickled Peach

Address: 202 S Main St, Davidson, NC 28036

The Pickled Peach, situated in downtown Davidson, is a charming and inviting establishment, offering a delightful farm-to-table dining experience. The restaurant boasts a lofty nook that serves as a haven for lunch and dinner, where patrons can relish in simple yet delectable fare that exudes honest flavors.

Within this cozy nook, guests can savor farm-to-table sandwiches, scrumptious sides, and delectable desserts, each prepared with care and using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients.

Additionally, The Pickled Peach doubles as a charming provisions store, offering a selection of craft provisions, sandwiches, soups, salads, and premium coffee. But perhaps its most captivating feature lies in the array of amazing baked goods that tempt the taste buds of all who visit.

The atmosphere of The Pickled Peach is warm and inviting, creating the perfect backdrop for a memorable dining experience. However, it’s the exceptional food that truly steals the show. Whether indulging in a delightful breakfast, a leisurely brunch, or a fulfilling lunch, patrons are treated to a delightful array of offerings prepared with the utmost care and attention to detail. 

The Pickled Peach

9. Restaurant X

Address: 408 S Main St, Davidson, NC 28036

Restaurant X, a family-owned and operated cozy bistro, boasts a vibrant and inviting atmosphere, offering a delightful blend of globally inspired meals, fine wines, and craft beers. The eclectic menu showcases a fusion of Mediterranean, European, and American cuisine, thoughtfully prepared from scratch each day using only the freshest and highest-quality ingredients.

Ground Beef Skewers at Restaurant X

With over two decades of culinary expertise garnered from the finest restaurants, the Executive Chef and Owner is passionate about presenting her vision to both new and returning guests. The menu is a testament to her dedication to creating dishes that tantalize the taste buds and leave a lasting impression.

Complementing the exceptional cuisine is the top-notch service provided by the attentive and amiable staff, ensuring that every guest feels welcomed and well taken care of throughout their visit. 

Steak Skewers at Restaurant X

The bistro’s charming ambiance sets the stage for a memorable dining experience, making it an ideal spot to create cherished moments with family and friends. Whether indulging in a weekday meal or savoring the delights of a weekend brunch, Restaurant X promises to leave guests with a sense of culinary delight and a desire to return time and time again.

Chicken Pesto Sandwich at Restaurant X

10. Masala Mastee

Address: 107 N Main St #101, Davidson, NC 28036

Masala Mastee, an Indian Street Food restaurant nestled in downtown Davidson, takes pride in offering perfect portions of delectable dishes with a delightful balance of spices, catering to various heat preferences. The combination of excellent food, impeccable service, and a welcoming atmosphere ensures a consistently perfect dining experience for patrons.

Masla Mastee Inside Seating

One of the standout features of Masala Mastee is its commitment to accommodating diverse dietary preferences. With many vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options available, the restaurant ensures that all guests can savor the authentic tastes of India without any compromise.

Masla Mastee Entree

The heart of Masala Mastee lies in its unique selection of Indian street food, inviting patrons to embark on a culinary adventure, savoring flavors that evoke the essence of India’s vibrant hospitality. The menu is carefully crafted, featuring an array of mouth-watering dishes meant to be shared, just as is customary in India.

Masla Mastee Restaurant

11. The Crazy Pig

Address: 402 S Main St, Davidson, NC 28036

The menu at The Crazy Pig BBQ boasts a delectable array of mouthwatering offerings, from succulent brisket and flavorful wings to tender pulled pork and irresistible mac and cheese.

Among the restaurant’s signature dishes, guests are treated to the delightful Frito pie—a unique creation consisting of Fritos topped with homemade chili, cheese, sour cream, and green onions. Additionally, the menu features irresistible beef brisket sandwiches and smoked chicken wings, each prepared with the utmost care and expertise.

For those seeking delectable side options to complement their main course, The Crazy Pig BBQ offers a tantalizing selection, including potato salad, homemade slaw, creamy mac and cheese, and perfectly fried hushpuppies.

Such culinary excellence and popularity have led The Crazy Pig BBQ to expand its reach, opening a second location in Elkin, NC, bringing their fantastic barbecue experience to one of North Carolina’s most prominent wine regions. 

The Crazy Pig

12. milkbread

Address: 624 Jetton St #110, Davidson, NC 28036

Conveniently located on Jetton Street in Davidson’s west side business corridor, milkbread brings a classy vibe to the fast-casual dining experience.

As you step up to the counter, you are presented with a diverse array of offerings available, catering to both breakfast and lunch or dinner preferences.

Milkbread Restaurant in Davidson NC Regular Menu

For breakfast, guests can indulge in a delightful selection of toasts and biscuits, while lunch and dinner options include a variety of salads, bowls, and sandwiches. 

Regardless of when you arrive, one particular favorite among customers is the delectable milkbread donuts, available until they sell out (so don’t arrive too late).

Milkbread Restaurant in Davidson NC Milkbread donuts

Among the sandwich selections, The Original Sandwich and The Hot Dip chicken sandwiches have earned praise for their incredible flavors. The chicken is expertly cooked, delivering a delightful experience.

Milkbread Restaurant in Davidson NC Original Chicken Sandwich and crispy cauliflower

One noteworthy dish is the Crispy Cauliflower, a side dish that has won the hearts of many with its exceptional taste, demonstrating the transformative power of frying to elevate flavors. The breading on the cauliflower is skillfully executed, providing a crispy and satisfying texture.

For those looking to enjoy a libation with their meal, milkbread offers beer and wine options, adding to the overall dining experience.

13. Flatiron Kitchen + Taphouse

Address: 215 S Main St, Davidson, NC 28036

Located at the intersection of Main St in Davidson, where the road forks, Flatiron Kitchen + Taphouse stands as a culinary gem, serving eclectic New American cuisine with a focus on local sourcing. At the heart of their menu are wood-smoked meats, carefully prepared to offer rich and distinctive flavors that set them apart from the rest.

Embracing the art of wood-fired cooking, many of Flatiron’s dishes are expertly prepared over the embers of their grill, creating a depth of flavor that leaves a lasting impression on every palate.

In addition to their culinary prowess, Flatiron Kitchen + Taphouse takes pride in curating an exceptional beverage selection. For wine enthusiasts, a premium list of food-friendly wines awaits, perfectly complementing the diverse dishes.

For those seeking a more spirited experience, the restaurant crafts delightful cocktails and features a thoughtful assortment of imported and local craft beers, bourbons, and spirits, ensuring that guests can pair their meals with the ideal libations.

Beyond the delectable fare and beverages, Flatiron Kitchen + Taphouse offers a cool and inviting atmosphere, providing the perfect backdrop for a memorable dining experience. Their commitment to good service ensures that every guest feels warmly welcomed and well-cared for throughout their visit.

Flatiron Kitchen

14. Sri Balaji Kitchen

Address: 11183 Davinci Dr, Davidson, NC 28036

Sri Balaji Kitchen, a recently established vegetarian-focused Indian restaurant, takes pride in offering a delightful array of flavorful dishes such as dosa, paneer tikka masala, garlic naan, and so much more. The ambiance of the restaurant creates a pleasant dining experience, accompanied by attentive and excellent service.

The culinary experience at Sri Balaji Kitchen is nothing short of top-notch, with the spotlight on delectable vegetarian options that cater to various tastes and preferences. Their dishes are prepared with care and expertise, ensuring a delightful burst of flavors with every bite.

With its focus on vegetarian cuisine, inviting ambiance, and top-notch service, Sri Balaji Kitchen has quickly earned a reputation as a go-to Indian restaurant for both local residents and visitors seeking a delightful and satisfying dining experience.

Sri Balaji Indian Restaurant

15. II Bosco

Address: 127 Depot St, Davidson, NC 28036

II Bosco is a charming and quaint establishment featuring a delightful patio where guests can indulge in seasonal Italian dishes and savor unique wine selections. Led by Chef Joseph Hermann, the restaurant offers an array of hand-selected Italian wines thoughtfully paired with ever-changing seasonal menus.

The culinary offerings at II Bosco showcase the rich tapestry of regional Italian cuisine, with menus that encompass a delightful range of antipasti, homemade pasta, meat dishes, as well as daily specials highlighting the freshest seafood and delectable desserts.

One of the highlights of dining at II Bosco is the dynamic and ever-evolving seasonal menus, which frequently introduce new flavors and recipes inspired by various regions across Italy. This commitment to utilizing fresh ingredients shines through in each dish, ensuring an exceptional culinary experience for every guest.

IL Bosco

16. Mestizo Contemporary Mexican 

Address: 121 N Main St, Davidson, NC 28036

At Mestizo Contemporary Mexican, guests are treated to a delightful dining experience with a warm and inviting atmosphere. Alongside its renowned margaritas, the restaurant boasts a delectable menu that includes sizzling fajitas and flavorful enchiladas.

Mestizo Mexican

With its inviting indoor and outdoor dining spaces, and the promise of an enchanting dining experience, Mestizo Contemporary Mexican has established itself as a cherished culinary gem in Davidson. Patrons can savor contemporary Mexican cuisine while enjoying the beauty of the surroundings and the vibrant tastes of Mexico.

Meslizo Patio

17. DiMaggio’s Pizzeria

Address: 11146 Renaissance Dr, Davidson, NC 28036

DiMaggio’s Pizzeria is a casual and inviting parlor located in a strip mall, renowned for its authentic New York-style pizza and an array of typical Italian dishes and sandwiches. With over thirty years of experience in crafting exceptional pizza, DiMaggio’s has earned a well-deserved reputation for its delicious offerings.

At DiMaggio’s Pizzeria, guests are treated to the irresistible flavors of their New York-style pizza, expertly prepared with the finest ingredients. The menu also features a delightful selection of wings, perfect for those seeking an alternative flavorful and satisfying option. Additionally, garlic cheese bread adds an extra touch of indulgence to the dining experience.

Dimaggio's Pizza

18. Sully’s Steamers

Address: 721 Jetton St, Davidson, NC 28036

Sully’s Steamers is a unique sandwich shop that specializes in crafting delectable bagel sandwiches made to order. Their diverse menu includes a range of options, from beloved classics such as Philly’s, Reubens, and Italians to healthier choices like egg and cheese, as well as vegan hummus and veggies.

At Sully’s Steamers, the art of sandwich-making is elevated with a distinctive steaming process. Each sandwich is carefully prepared with fresh and flavorful ingredients and then placed in their steamer to achieve the perfect level of warmth and softness, ensuring a melty and delicious treat that tantalizes the taste buds.

Sully Steamers Bagel Sandwich

While they may primarily focus on bagel sandwiches, Sully’s Steamers prides itself on being much more than just a bagel shop. The emphasis is on creating mouthwatering sandwiches with a variety of fillings tailored to satisfy different preferences and dietary choices.

Sully Steamers Sign

19. The Egg at Davidson

Address: 231 Griffith St, Davidson, NC 28036

The Egg at Davidson is a delightful brunch spot offering an extensive menu with a myriad of options to choose from. Inside the cozy dining room or on the inviting outdoor covered patio, patrons can delight in the flavors of one of the many flavorful omelets or savor a mouthwatering bacon cheddar burger. The diverse menu includes a wide selection of homemade eggs benedict, and tantalizing Reuben sandwiches, offering something for every palate.

20. Clean Juice

Address: 605 Jetton St, Suite D, Davidson, NC 28036

Clean Juice is a locally owned and 100% Certified Organic Juice Bar, proudly adhering to USDA-certified organic standards.

With a dedication to providing wholesome and nourishing options, they offer a delightful array of fresh-pressed juice, cold-pressed juice, smoothies, avocado toast, acai bowls, green bowls, and more.

Clean Juice stands as a refreshing and health-conscious juice bar, providing a nourishing and revitalizing experience for all who visit.

Clean Juice entrance

Coffee Shops in Davidson NC

For all the coffee lovers, here are some great options in Davidson.

☕ Summit Coffee Co.

Address: 128 S Main St, Davidson, NC 28036

Located in downtown Davidson, Summit Coffee’s flagship store is a vibrant and inviting cafe that takes pride in serving locally roasted coffee, along with an array of in-house baked goods, beer, and wine, among other offerings.

Summit Coffee

As a part of their commitment to quality and community, Summit sources only local ingredients, ensuring that everything from milk to chocolate and baked goods is sourced from trusted local partners. For the items they don’t create in-house, they collaborate with the best partners to provide the finest products to their customers.

Beyond being a coffee destination, Summit Coffee offers a third-wave coffee menu, showcasing their dedication to providing a refined and exceptional coffee experience.

Summit Coffee

Additionally, the cafe adds to its vibrant atmosphere by hosting live music performances from Wednesdays to Saturdays, creating a lively and enjoyable ambiance for patrons. On Mondays, trivia nights add a touch of friendly competition and fun for those seeking a different kind of evening entertainment.

With its focus on local sourcing, quality coffee, delectable baked goods, and engaging entertainment, Summit Coffee’s flagship store has established itself as a beloved gathering spot for residents and visitors alike in the Davidson community.

Summit Coffee

☕ 77 Grounds Coffee

Address: 605 Jetton St, Suite B, Davidson, NC 28036

77 Grounds presents a delightful coffee shop experience, offering an array of coffee, specialty coffee beverages, teas, and delectable baked goods. The space boasts an inviting atmosphere, with ample natural lighting and a generous amount of seating, making it an ideal spot for both relaxation and productivity.

Alongside their coffee offerings, the menu includes specialty coffee beverages and a selection of teas, providing something for everyone seeking a satisfying drink.

For those seeking a cozy spot to work or unwind, they offer a welcoming environment, making it a favored destination for those looking to enjoy their coffee while working or simply taking a moment to enjoy the ambiance.

77 Grounds Coffee

☕ Good Drip Coffee

Address: 108 S Main St Suite A, Davidson, NC 28036

Nestled within The Gallery, Good Drip Coffee presents a delightful destination for those passing through Davidson seeking an exquisite cup of coffee. Whether guests are looking to work, do homework, or simply unwind in a quaint and inviting space, this cute coffee shop welcomes all.

The friendly staff at Good Drip Coffee ensures that patrons feel warmly welcomed, providing a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere to relax and enjoy their coffee. With ample space available, including private areas, guests have plenty of seating options to choose from, catering to their preferences for solitude or socializing.

Good Drip Coffee

Ice Cream & Desserts in Davidson NC

Who doesn’t love dessert? Here are some great options in Davidson.

🍨 Whit’s Frozen Custard

Address: 428 S Main St, Davidson, NC 28036

Whit’s Frozen Custard is a well-known frozen custard chain offering a delightful selection of classic flavors, such as vanilla and chocolate, along with a weekly rotating flavor to keep things exciting.

Whit's Custard

Guests can indulge in the rich and creamy goodness of frozen custard, enhanced with a variety of delectable toppings to customize their frozen treat. 

Whit's Custard

🍨 Ben & Jerry’s

Address: 202 S Main St, Davidson, NC 28036

Ben & Jerry’s, the iconic ice cream parlor chain hailing from Vermont, is celebrated for its imaginative and playfully named flavors.

With locally owned and operated Scoop Shops, the brand is renowned for its euphoric ice cream creations, made with a steadfast commitment to using high-quality and responsibly sourced ingredients. 

For ice cream enthusiasts, the scoop shop is a delightful destination open seven days a week, promising a delectable and delightful experience with every visit.

Ben & Jerry's

Unique Market Option in Davidson NC

🧀 Table & Board

Address: 416 S Main St, Davidson, NC 28036

Table & Board is a culinary haven that specializes in crafting exquisite charcuterie and cheese boards, delectable desserts, thoughtfully curated boxes, and captivating grazing tables. With a flair for creativity, they also offer catering services and host unique workshops.

board from Table and Board with amazing meats, cheeses

At Table & Board, each board is meticulously handcrafted, featuring the finest seasonal produce, artisan cheeses, and expertly cured meats.

The focus on using high-quality ingredients ensures that every creation is a symphony of flavors, perfectly paired and artfully arranged to become the captivating centerpiece of any meal or gathering.

Table & Board

Wine & Beer in Davidson NC

Here are some great places to stop and enjoy.

🍷 Hop & Vine Davidson

Address: 605 Jetton St., Suite C, Davidson, NC 28036

Hop & Vine Davidson is a relaxed and inviting beer/wine lounge situated in the Linden building on Jetton Street in Davidson.

Hop & Vine Entrance

With a laid-back atmosphere, guests are welcome to explore an impressive selection of 17 tap beers and a diverse array of options from their large can collection. For wine enthusiasts, the lounge offers a delightful choice of approximately 60 different wines.

Hop & Vine Wine

You’re encouraged to make yourself at home and feel free to bring your own food, along with your kids and pets. The lounge prides itself on providing a warm and welcoming environment for all, inviting guests to enjoy a leisurely and enjoyable time in their company.

Hop & Vine Inside

🍷 Davidson Wine Co.

Address: 121 Depot St, Davidson, NC 28036

Davidson Wine Co. is Davidson’s first urban winery, owned and operated by Lindsey Williams, a former lawyer turned winemaker. They offer globally sourced and locally made wines, including classic varieties like Merlots, Cabs, and Chardonnays, as well as rarer options like Viognier, Petit Verdot, and Ports.

With over 30 different kinds of wine crafted from grapes sourced worldwide, Davidson Wine Co. invites guests to enjoy wine tasting, bottling parties, and more.

Davidson Wine Co

🍷 The Cabin

Address: 400 N Harbor Pl Dr. A, Davidson, NC 28036

The Cabin is accessible by car, boat, or a leisurely walk. This hidden gem offers a delightful combination of live music and a wide selection of libations, making it a cherished destination for locals and visitors alike.

The lake view from The Cabin

Nestled along the picturesque shores of Lake Norman, The Cabin stands as a true hidden treasure, inviting guests to revel in the enchanting ambiance and savor the memorable moments amidst the scenic beauty of the lake.

The Cabin

🍷 Lake Norman Cottage

Address: 200 N Harbor Pl, Davidson, NC 28036

Lake Norman Cottage is a warm and inviting wine bar nestled in a cozy and homey setting. Here, guests can indulge in delightful wine tastings and savor light bites, all while perusing a gourmet food and gift shop to find culinary treasures to take home.

The Cottage entrance and outdoor patio seating

Despite its intimate size, Lake Norman Cottage boasts an artfully curated collection of wines from various corners of the globe, catering to diverse tastes.

Adding to the charm of Lake Norman Cottage is its wonderful view, allowing patrons to bask in the serene and picturesque surroundings as they sip on their chosen wines. 

The Cottage inside

🍷 Side Bar Bottle Company

Address: 208 S Main St, Davidson, NC 28036

Side Bar Bottle Company is a delightful wine bar and taproom nestled on the second floor of a charming main street building above Mandolino’s Artisan Pizza. They offer a one-of-a-kind experience, combining handpicked wines, local beers, and delectable snacks from artisan producers. The warm and inviting atmosphere, with a friendly and attentive staff, makes your visit memorable.

The Side Bar

Davidson NC: FAQ’s

📌 Does Davidson NC have a downtown?

Yes, Davidson has a charming and vibrant downtown area. It is a central hub of the town, featuring a variety of shops, restaurants, cafes, and community spaces that contribute to the town’s character and appeal.

Davidson’s downtown is known for its historic charm, pedestrian-friendly streets, and lively atmosphere, making it a popular destination for residents and visitors alike.

📌 What is Davidson NC known for?

Davidson is known for Davidson College, a prestigious liberal arts institution renowned for academic excellence and a close-knit community.

📌 Is Davidson a suburb of Charlotte?

Yes, Davidson is a Charlotte suburb, located about 20 miles north of Uptown, known for its charm and proximity to Lake Norman.

Downtown Davidson NC

Final Thoughts

Davidson boasts a vibrant and diverse dining scene, catering to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Whether you’re in the mood for casual eats or fine dining, the town has something to offer every palate. 

From local gems to international flavors, Davidson promises a delightful culinary journey for residents and visitors alike. With an array of options to explore, each dining experience in Davidson is bound to leave a lasting impression!

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