Waterfalls near Brevard NC Triple Falls

29+ Incredible Waterfalls near Brevard NC

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Brevard, NC, is located near many amazing waterfalls.  You will find over 250 waterfalls in Transylvania County alone, so there are many waterfalls near Brevard, NC! We will break it down into different sections that are popular in the area known as the Land of Waterfalls. This is a fantastic area in the NC mountains.

Waterfalls in DuPont State Forest  

DuPont State Recreational Forest is located in Henderson and Transylvania counties.  It’s 12,500 acres.  Most visitors come to DuPont’s 3.3-mile roundtrip hike to see the most popular falls, including Hooker, Triple, and High Falls. 

Lots of people wonder where DuPont got its name; it was actually the property of the DuPont Corporation before it was a State Forest. They operated an X-ray film plant here for decades, and you can actually still see the footprint of the plant, what people refer to as the donut hole in the forest.  

There was a lot of work from many local heroes to save the rest of the waterfalls in DuPont when the corporation went to sell.  It was originally sold to a developer who had plans to create a golfing community. How lucky we are to have those who fought so we can enjoy these three beautiful waterfalls today! 

Hooker Falls

12-ft waterfall, it’s the fourth waterfall on the 3.3-mile section of the Little River.  Going upstream from Hooker Falls, you will come across the falls listed below.  To get to hooker falls, it’s a 0.8-mile hike out and back.  The trail is open year-round.  

To access arrive at the Hooker Falls Access Area, take Hooker Falls Road downstream for 0.3 miles to the base of the falls.

Waterfalls near Brevard NC - Hooker Falls

Triple Falls

The 120-ft waterfall is the third waterfall on the Little River.  It was featured in the movie Last of the Mohicans; it’s about a seven-minute walk from the Hooker Falls parking area.  Also, if you are a fan of The Hunger Games movies, you will see a scene where Katniss runs across Triple Falls. Please don’t do this on your own; she was wired in case she fell.  They also filmed at Bridal Veil Falls, which you will read about below.     

To access, cross the Little River on the trail bridge off Hooker Falls Road. Turn left on Triple Falls Trail for 0.4 miles. There is a short uphill to the viewing area and picnic shelter.

Waterfalls near Brevard NC Triple Falls

High Falls

120-ft waterfall down an inclined plane of granite.  There is also a covered bridge that you can view here. High Falls is a fan favorite, so make sure you go to the base to take it all in.  The trail is steep, so plan accordingly.  You can take the trail from Hooker Falls to Triple Falls and end up at High Falls and explore them all in one day.  

You can also access the covered bridge from High Falls, go up High Falls Loop, and turn left on the Covered Bridge Trail. 

Waterfalls near Brevard NC Covered Bridge at High Falls

Grassy Creek Falls

Located about 2 miles downstream of Wintergreen Falls and not far from High Falls Covered Bridge.  To access after visiting the High Falls area, take the covered bridge and then the Buck Forest Rd until it crosses the Grassy Creek Bridge.  After you cross the bridge, bear left onto the graveled Lake Imaging Rd.  You will want to look for a small foot trail on the left and follow that down to the viewing area at the base of the falls.  

Wintergreen Falls

20-ft waterfall on the upper Grassy Creek. You will need to park at the Guion Farm Access Area on Sky Valley Rd to access the trail.  It’s about a 1.7-mile hike from the access area.  

Bridal Veil Falls

This is the first of the falls on Little River and is very unique.  This was also featured in the movie Last of the Mohicans.  The falls first drop off an overhanging ledge and the water sheets down a long and shallow incline plane of granite before heading into the pool below.  You can access Bridal Veil Falls from the High Falls Access Area.  Take Buck Forest Rd past the Covered Bridge, turn right on Conservation Rd, and then a right on Bridal Veil Falls Road.  It’s about 2.3 miles. 

Waterfalls near Brevard NC Bridal Veil Falls NC

Waterfalls in Pisgah National Forest

Looking Glass Falls

This is a favorite in Western NC.  In the winter, the water freezes on the sides of the fall, and the sunlight glistens like a mirror or looking glass.  The falls are 60 feet tall and easy to access.  Located right off U.S. 276, it’s about 5 miles past the entrance to the Pisgah National Forest.  The falls will be on your right; just make sure to pull all the way off the road to view.  This is one of the great roadside waterfalls near Brevard NC.

Waterfalls near Brevard NC Looking Glass Falls

Moore Cove Falls

You can easily hike round trip 1.2 miles to the 50-ft falls which are marked with yellow trail blazes.  You can access it near the Blue Ridge Parkway and will exit near mile marker 411.  Take a left and go 8 miles on U.S. 276 South. Park along the left-hand side of U.S. 276. There are no signs on the roadway for Moore Cove Falls, but there is an information board by the parking area so you will know you are in the right place.  

Waterfalls near Brevard NC Moore Cove Falls

Sliding Rock Falls

This is a very popular place. It’s a 60-foot natural water slide that ends up in an 8-foot-deep pool of water that is VERY cold.  The area itself is open 365 days a year. I would recommend you come early if you are visiting in the peak months as parking fills up quickly and you can try to avoid the crowds. 

Restrooms are available between April 30 and October 9.  Lifeguards are present every day between May 2 and September 15.  They may close the area due to heavy rainfall or high water levels.  There is an entrance fee while staffed of $5 per person.  To access from Brevard, take US 64 E to US 276. Turn left and follow US 276N for 8 miles. Located on the left.

Waterfalls near Brevard NC Sliding Rock

Slick Rock Falls

A short hike round trip of about 1.8 miles, it’s kid-friendly as well. The rocks near the top of the falls are very slippery, hence the name.  It’s about 30 feet high and best viewed after a good rain. In drier times, you might just see a trickle of water.  There is a small cave behind the waterfall that takes a little bit of maneuvering to access. 

To access the falls, you will need to drive up the Forest Service Rd which is gravel, and lots of places are only wide enough for one vehicle at a time. 

Directions from Brevard, NC: Travel US 276 northwest for approximately 6 miles to Forest Service Road 475B, bearing right on the gravel road to the parking area; the trail begins there.  Usually, you can hear the waterfall. There is a warning that you will find lots of bees while on this trail.        

Waterfalls near Brevard NC - Slick Rock Falls

Cove Creek Falls

A moderately challenging, approximate 6-mile round-trip hike to the 50-ft falls.  You will climb about 500 ft.  You can hike it counterclockwise for a steeper, shorter incline, or some prefer the gradual incline going clockwise.  You will also need to cross a stream on this trail, so you might get your feet wet, but they are building a bridge.  Yellow jackets are prominent here on the trail; be careful.  Also, rattlesnakes live in this area. 

To access it, take Hwy 276 from Brevard and go for 5.2 miles. Turn left onto Forest Service Road 475 (Pisgah Wildlife Education and Fish Hatchery). Go about 3.2 miles to where the pavement ends, and you will see a sign on the right side of the road for Cove Creek Campground. Park in the pull-off on the left side of the road across from the campground sign. Your hike will begin over at the campground sign.   

Daniel Ridge Falls (Jackson Falls/ Tom’s Spring Falls)

Known by several names, this is a beautiful 150-ft waterfall, but you want to come after a good rainfall.  Take a quick 1-mile direct round trip or a moderately challenging 5-mile where you can explore both the base and the top of the waterfall. Some parts are well marked, if you do the loop clockwise you will get the greater incline out of the way first.  You will come across various terrain and scenery. 

Make sure to have good hiking boots to help with the rocky terrain.  If you do hike clockwise, you can easily miss the falls.  There is no signage to let you know the falls are on the left after you come downhill.  If you hike it counterclockwise, the falls will be on the right before you get on the Daniel Ridge Loop trail.  So either you can start with the falls or end with them, depending on the direction you take, but note the falls are not on the main part of the trail and confuse most people on how to access them.  Make sure to download a GPS map because you will not have cell service here. 

If you just want to access the waterfalls and keep it easy, from the small parking area, follow the red-blazed Daniel Ridge Loop Trail, cross the bridge over the Davidson River, follow it straight ahead, and at the fork of the loop trail, go right to reach the waterfall which will be on your left. 

To access from Brevard, take US Highway 276 North to enter the Pisgah National Forest. Go 5.3 miles and turn left at the sign for Pisgah Center for Wildlife Education and the State Fish Hatchery. Go 3.9 miles and park in the parking area on the right (it’s about 2.5 miles past the Pisgah Center on Forest Road #475). The last half-mile is unpaved, starting at the Cove Creek Group Campground, and is a little bumpy.

Waterfalls near Brevard NC - Daniel Ridge Falls

Cathey’s Creek Falls

You will find this falls west of Brevard off Hwy 64.  It’s a beautiful 50-ft waterfall located next to a gravel forest road.  Parking is extremely limited.  The trail to access the falls can be very slippery after rain.  To access from Brevard, drive west on US Highway 276 for about 3.5 miles.  Look for the white sign for the Kuykendall Group Camp and turn right there.  Then, you will want to immediately bear left onto Cathey’s Creek Rd, which will turn into Forest Rd 471.  You will travel another 3.2 miles, and the parking is on the right. 

Parking is limited to about 1-2 vehicles here and can be easily missed; you will cross under some powerlines right before the parking area.  If it’s full, keep going, cross the bridge, and park on the right at the camping spot, and you will have to walk back down the road.  You should be able to hear the waterfall from the road and actually see it in the winter months.  

Log Hollow Falls

Easy 1-mile round-trip to view this 25-ft waterfall.  It’s a hidden gem!  Also along the path, about 0.4-mile you will find another unnamed 80-ft waterfall.  There are no signs here to access. 

To access from Brevard, follow US 276 North and go about 10.5 miles from the big shopping center in Brevard. Turn left onto Forest Rd 475B, go about 1.6 miles, and take a sharp turn to the left (you’ll see a large Forest Service interpretive sign about forest management); you will park by the gated Forest Service Rd 5043 on the right.

Blue Ridge Parkway Waterfalls nearby

Graveyard Fields

You will find three waterfalls here; it’s about 30 miles away from Brevard, 50 50-minute drive.

  • Upper Falls
  • Second Falls
  • Yellowstone Falls

Skinny Dip Falls

Trailhead is about 34 miles away from Brevard, 41 min drive 

Waterfalls near Brevard NC - Skinny Dip Falls

Near Highway 215

Courthouse Falls (0.6-mile round-trip trail)

Under 23 miles away from Brevard, 38 min drive (need high ground clearance vehicle)

Waterfalls near Brevard NC - Courhouse Falls

Lemon Falls

Under 16 miles away from Brevard, 24 min drive

Diamond Creek Falls

Under 12 miles away from Brevard, 20 min drive

Mill Shoals Falls & French Broad Falls

Under 17 miles away from Brevard, 24 min drive  

Waterfalls near Brevard NC - Mill Shoals Falls

Bird Rock Falls

located on private property at Living Ministry, they do allow public access. Under 17 miles away from Brevard, 24 min drive

Sunburst Falls

Under 31 miles away from Brevard, 47 min drive

Waterfalls near Brevard NC - Sunburst Falls

Little Bird Falls

It is under 32 miles away from Brevard, 50 min drive.  Close to Sunburst Falls. 

Toxaway Area

Toxaway Falls

About a 16-mile drive from Brevard, 22 min drive

Whitewater Falls

The highest waterfall in the Eastern US is known as the King of Waterfalls.  It plummets down 811 feet.  Trailhead is about 27 miles from Brevard, 38 min drive.

Waterfalls near Brevard NC - Whitewater Falls

Gorges State Park

Upper Bearwallow Falls

Trailhead near Gorges State Park Visitor Center, about 20 miles from Brevard, 30-minute drive

Rainbow Falls & Turtleback Falls

Waterfalls near Brevard NC - Rainbow Falls
Rainbow Falls

Trailhead is about 21 miles from Brevard, 31 min drive

Waterfalls near Brevard NC - Mill Turtleback Falls
Turtleback Falls

Other Waterfalls near Brevard NC

Key Falls

50-ft waterfall on private property owned by the Key Falls Inn.  They do allow public access to the falls.  Located 4 miles away and is about a 7 min drive from Brevard. Please respect their property while visiting, like any other trails/waterfalls you visit. 

Final Thoughts

There are so many amazing waterfalls near Brevard NC, that you could spend weeks exploring them all. We hope you find some favorites and come back and visit more!  Make sure to spend some time in the town; there are many fun things to do in Brevard NC as well.

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